Eyelash Extension Training and Certification

eyelash extension training

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Eyelash extensions are a growing trend among women everywhere, thanks in part to the endorsements of celebrities who swear by them such as the beautiful Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian. Because of this growing trend, it is especially crucial for all women to understand the importance of having their lashes done by professionals who have received proper eyelash extension training and have been certified in this industry.

Extensions are a durable, long-lasting way to create beautiful lashes, and their versatility has made them increasingly popular. Whether you’ve gotten lash extensions before or are thinking of getting them for the first time, it pays to do your research and ensure that the extensions are applied by a licensed cosmetologist.

What Does It Mean To Be A Licensed and Certified?

Whenever you get lash extensions, you should ensure that the technician is properly licensed in your state. Not every beautician is properly certified to apply lash extensions, and you run the risk of wasting money or even putting your health in danger if you get your extensions applied by untrained hands.

Certification requirements will vary from one state to the next, but the general process for becoming licensed is similar across the country. Cosmetologists meet applicable eligibility requirements, pass required examination, pay required feeds, and  submits an application on a form prescribed by the department. Once you have finished and met each of these requirements will you then be officially considered a licensed and certified professional. (refer to sections Section 1602.257. Eligibility for Esthetician Specialty License, Section 1602.2571. Eligibility for a Specialty License in Eyelash Extension Application, and Section 1602.2572. Eyelash Extension Application Training Program).

Why You Should Have Lash Extensions Applied Professionally

Lash extensions consist of tiny false lashes that are glued individually to your existing lashes. This is a delicate process that requires a steady hand, precision and the appropriate tools. While home-application kits are available, the results will not be as durable or attractive as what you could get from a professional.

There are a few tell-tale signs that an extension was not applied correctly:

  • The extensions are obvious and do not match seamlessly with the organic lash
  • The extensions are loose or fall out after application
  • The lashes look bare or do not have ample coverage
  • The cosmetologist did not follow proper safety or hygiene precautions

Removing improperly applied lash extensions can cause damage to the existing lash, and having them removed or reapplied will add to your final cost. There are also some safety concerns associated with having your lash extensions applied incorrectly. Although lash extensions are in general very safe, there is a chance of infection if the person applying them is not diligent. It’s best to seek the help of a professional to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful lash.

All of our technicians at Amazing Lash Studio are licensed by the state of Texas as cosmetologists, aestheticians or eyelash technicians, so you can be comfortable knowing that you’ll be in capable hands when you use our service.

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