Eye Makeup: Be Bold This Spring

Spring 2014 Eye Makeup

Spring 2014 Eye Makeup

Spring has arrived, and with it the hottest new fashions. This year, eyes are once again the center of attention, but with a twist: 2014 is all about being bold. From bright colors to strong lines and creative eye makeup, this is the year to show off. Here are a few of the biggest trends this spring:

1. Bold colors. Pantone’s color report is out, and it’s a colorful mix of pastels and bold hues. Fun, sunny yellows, oranges and rich blues are paired with subtler orchid, sand and soft gray for a truly eye-popping combo. Orange lips are one fun, surprising trend this year, and it’s one hue that goes well with every skin tone.

2. Bold eyeliner. Playful eye treatments are a big trend this year. One of the hottest looks is the “cat eye” eyeliner. To pull off the look, opt for a high-quality cream eyeliner applied to your top lid and extending at an angle just past the edge of the eye. Leave the lower lid bare. The result is a powerfully sultry look that lengthens the eye and creates a sexy “come-hither” stare.

3. Bold lashes. What pairs better with playful eyeliner than long, luxurious lashes? Even if you opt for a more natural eye treatment, long lashes are a must-have this year. Whereas false lashes were a big trend not so long ago, most women today prefer the more natural look of lash extensions.

4. Bold brows. Thick, natural eyebrows are in this year, following the mold of models like Samantha Harris and Cara Delevingne. Soft arches highlighted by natural, gently shaped brows are the perfect accompaniment to stronger eye treatments and bold lips. By balancing out the more playful touches with a boldly natural look, these brows work to bring harmony to your whole face.

As Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” Be free this spring: Use your eyes to express yourself!

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