Do’s and Don’t of Lash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelashes For Big Beautiful Eyes ALS HoustonLooking for a way to dramatically change your look for the new year? You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to turn heads. Semi permanent eyelashes for beautiful eyes provide a big boost in about 90 minutes and can even simplify your beauty routine.

1. Prepare to Relax

As long as you choose a trained, licensed lash specialist, there’s no need to worry. You’re in good hands, so relax and take advantage of this opportunity to restĀ for 90 minutes.

2. Avoid a Sticky Situation

Allergic reactions are rare, but they do happen. If you have a tendency towards allergies, request a hypoallergenic glue.

3. Keep it Clean

Keep your lash extensions in top condition with specially designed cleaning pads. Your esthetician can recommend a good product.

4. Drying-Out Period

For the first 24 hours, avoid getting your lashes wet. Also avoid using cleansers, moisturizers and other products on the eyes during that time.

5. Hands Off!

Avoid tugging at, pulling on, or otherwise messing with your lashes. Rubbing and scratching have no place in your beauty routine either. Cotton balls and pads are also no-nos, as they can get caught in your lashes.

6. Go Oil-Free

Oil is the enemy of semi-permanent eyelashes, as it can dissolve the glue used to apply them. That’s one reason special kits are available containing the water-based cleanser mentioned in the third tip. Just make sure any product you use on your eyes is labeled ‘oil-free.’

7. Sleep it Off

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Your pillow could smash your semi-permanent eyelashes and ruin the effect. The bonus? Sleeping on your back helps prevent wrinkles and improves your overall appearance.

8. Plump it Up

Although you’ll look great without it, mascara does enhance lash extensions beautifully. Make your eye-catching fringe even more dramatic with a coat or two of mascara, especially for a big night out.

9. Say Yes to Snoozing

Most women who use lash extensions find they don’t need mascara to look stunning; they just wake up that way! Those who are used to applying falsies will really appreciate this instant boost. Instead of applying false lashes or using a lash curler and mascara, take a few minutes for yourself in the morning — whether that means sleeping a little longer, eating a real breakfast or doing yoga. You deserve it!

What’s the only downside to semi permanent eyelash extensions for beautiful eyes? You’ll love them so much you’ll want to maintain them forever! Be prepared to make a habit of this addictive beautifier.



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