Celebs Showcase Their Sexy Eyelashes at the CMA Awards

Did you get a chance to watch the CMA awards? Stunning eyelashes were definitely front-and-center in the looks worn by many celebrities. Carrie Underwood stole the show with her soft, natural look offset by her dramatic long, dark lashes.

It’s a look that’s both dramatic and subtle, bringing out her natural beauty, and it worked perfectly with every look she wore, from the chic jean capri and jacket ensemble to the bold, ruffled dresses and glittery cocktail dress. She managed to keep some key elements of her signature “girl next door” look while adding a sexy layer of sophistication.

Carrie Underwood wasn’t the only one sporting some seriously gorgeous eye treatments, though. Dramatic eye treatments were definitely the prevailing trend shown by celebrities at the show:

— Taylor Swift pulled off a truly elegant look by coupling a stunning dress and glamorous up-do with dramatic dark lashes

— Nicole Kidman showed up with her now-signature dramatic eye treatment and elegant lace dress.

— Jennifer Nettles coupled thick, dark lashes with a more dramatic eyeshadow that complemented her dress perfectly.

Many more beautiful examples could be seen at the CMAs. In every case, luxurious lashes made up the major focal point of the celeb’s look.

False lashes have been in style for a while, but more and more celebrities are turning toward the more durable and natural-looking solution of lash extensions instead. Kim Kardashian may have led the long-lash revolution, but many celebrities are taking the idea of long, dark lashes and making it their own.

A DIY Approach to Stunning Lashes

While previous fashion trends have tended toward extravagance, the newer fashions are subtler and more natural. This doesn’t make them any less luxurious or stunning. If anything, the effect is more powerful as it enables the true beauty of these women to really shine through.

It’s a look you can easily emulate at home. By coupling eyelash extensions with high-quality eyeliner, you can give your eyes a real red carpet treatment. Take a page from the CMAs and couple your dramatic lashes with a natural lip shade and light foundation for a low-maintenance but beautiful effect.

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