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5 Ways in Which Eyelash Extensions are
Better than Fake Eyelashes
Eye makeup has a big role in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Your eye makeup can help give you a natural or bold appearance, which is why you must apply it properly. If you are like most people, then you probably prefer to have long, dark and voluminous eyelashes. To get the lashes that you Read More
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Summer Beauty Tips for Women in Houston
Ten Summer Beauty Tips for Busy Schedules When you have a busy summer schedule, finding time to optimize your beauty routine can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts. Here are 10 practical summer beauty tips by Amazing Lash Studio Houston to help you look and feel fantastic throughout the season without slowing you down. Read More
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Amazing Lash Studios is Now Open in
Sugar Land
Amazing Lash Studio is excited to be celebrating the grand opening of our new location in Sugar Land on August 25, 2014. Visit our Facebook page and enter our Grand Opening Giveaway where we’re raffling weekly* a  free set of eyelashes as a way to thank you for welcoming us. When you arrive here, as with Read More
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Eyelash Extensions and the American Way of Life
Every year, we set aside the final Monday of May to honor our fallen soldiers. Memorial Day helps us to remember the freedoms we enjoy because of their brave sacrifice. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are what they fought and died for, and our American way of life should always reflect and pay Read More
Primping For Prom
Prom is one of the most important events in any girl’s high school life, and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. From finding a date to choosing the right prom dress and looking perfect for the big day, there can be a lot of stress about making everything perfect. An entire cottage Read More
Confidence: The Power of Eyelash Extensions
Good self-esteem is crucial to having a happy, healthy life. People who have confidence in themselves and their abilities are more likely to pursue new opportunities and surround themselves with supportive and successful friends. Although no single factor is totally responsible for self-esteem, taking pride in your personal appearance is a good first step. When Read More
The Galleria – Shopping, Dining, and Lash
Extensions Anyone?
The Galleria in Uptown is one of the largest and best shopping malls in Texas. This magnificent 2.4 million square foot complex provides more than 400 shopping venues. It also houses multiple restaurants, hotels and office towers. The complex has stood for 40 years, and a large remodeling project is planned to take place over Read More