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While youth and beauty often seem to go hand in hand, you truly can look beautiful at any age. The trick is to focus on your eyes. Said to be a window to the soul, your eyes are often one of the first things other people notice, so they are vital to your appearance. Fortunately, Read More
Thinning Eyelashes? What You Can Do To
Have the Lashes of Your Dreams
Thinning eyelashes may be alarming, and the thinned-out look is often a frustrating problem for people who would like to show off their eyes. Getting to the bottom of the reason that your eyelashes are thinning can help you to reverse the damage. If your eyelashes are doomed to be thin, you can take matters Read More
Thinning Eyelashes and Hair – How extensions
can help
For many people, hair loss is a natural side effect of aging. If you have a genetic predisposition toward hair loss, eyelash and hair thinning is expected as you grow older. However, thinning hair┬ácan be caused or exacerbated by many other factors as well, from hormonal imbalance to disease. If you’re losing hair or eyelashes Read More