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Beauty Tips For Mommies Who Wear Glasses
Busy moms seem to do everything for everyone else and rarely do good things for themselves. They rush out of the house to get their kids to school and then head to the office. There is rarely time to care for contact lenses. Unfortunately, glasses often overwhelm the face. To create the best appearance, here Read More
Skin Care Routine for Autumn.
As the warm days of summer begin to fade away, your regular skincare routine will need some changing in order to withstand colder temperatures. The change in the season also means a time to try out some new makeup colors and styles to match your fall look. Following a few simple ideas can help keep Read More
Quick Vacation Makeup Ideas If you’re on a vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time inside getting ready and missing out on the fun you could be having. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t also want to look good. Below are a few tips from Amazing Lash Studio Read More
Stunning Looks For You Quinceanera A Quinceañera is a special occasion for a young lady and marks her entry into adulthood. Every girl envisions herself looking gorgeous with perfect hair and makeup in an elegant dress. Since you want to make a great impression on your friends and family but do not want to look Read More
Thinning Eyelashes? What You Can Do To
Have the Lashes of Your Dreams
Thinning eyelashes may be alarming, and the thinned-out look is often a frustrating problem for people who would like to show off their eyes. Getting to the bottom of the reason that your eyelashes are thinning can help you to reverse the damage. If your eyelashes are doomed to be thin, you can take matters Read More
Semi Permanent Lashes: The Ins and Outs
of Changing Your Look
Can semi-permanent eyelashes give you the dramatic look you are looking for? We know that winter is packed with endless ways to change up your wardrobe – hello, cozy sweaters and ankle boots – but we’re all about dramatic changes that don’t require a complete makeover or closet redo. Spending tons of cash on an update Read More
Making Your Eyes Pop is Easy with
Eyelash Extensions
You can learn how to make your eyelashes longer with just two words; eyelash extensions. Have you ever noticed how our eyes can say so much about us before we even say a word? If you haven’t slept well, under-eye bags and dark circles are a dead giveaway. Red eyes are a sure sign of Read More
Get Lovely Lashes with Semi Permanent Eyelash
Extensions in Houston
Are you considering semi permanent eyelash extensions? If so, do a bit of research beforehand so you’ll get exactly the results you want. Here is some basic information about lash extensions; if you have additional questions or want more information, be sure to ask your technician at Amazing Lash Studio Houston. Why Should I Get Read More
How to Make Eyelashes Longer by Amazing
Lash Studio
When you think of iconic beauties throughout the ages, you immediately envision the signature eyelashes that made each woman’s eyes light up her entire face. Your eyes may be the “windows to the soul,” but lashes are the attractive, face-flattering frames that give your eyes their unforgettable character. Admittedly, all eyelashes aren’t created equally. Regardless Read More
Best Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Houston
You have finally decided to get the semi permanent eyelash extensions. Mascara and strip lashes are well-known methods for making them look longer and fuller, but to achieve really amazing, natural-looking lashes, extensions are the way to go. A licensed practitioner at Amazing Lash Studio attaches these semi-permanent, synthetic additions to your own natural lashes Read More