Can Cold Weather Affect Eyelash Extensions?

Cold weather and lash extensionsAs summer draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the chilly season. Autumn and winter bring a lot of great things, from holidays to hot apple cider and fashionable scarves, but the cold weather presents some challenges too. If you’re new to lash extensions, you might be wondering whether the cold will affect your lash extensions or what you can do to keep them in great condition during the chilly months. 

How Cold Weather Affects Your Lashes

The good news is that lash extensions, once properly applied and allowed to set, are extremely durable. They will be glued to your natural lashes for their full lifespans, meaning that nothing can separate that extension from your lash until the lash itself falls out. An average lash will live anywhere from four to six weeks, so you’ll need fresh extensions applied every month or so. 

In the winter, this time frame is basically the same. The major difference is that cold air can be dry, and dry skin will affect the health of your natural lashes themselves. This means you might shed more lashes in cold months than you do at other times of the year, and that could result in shorter-lasting extensions.

Keeping Your Lashes Healthy All Year Long

Be proactive about protecting your lashes. The best thing you can do for your extensions is to maintain a healthy skincare routine, including plenty of moisturizer throughout the year. Well-moisturized skin will lead to stronger, healthier lashes that last a long time. Here are a few other tips for caring for your extensions: 

— Avoid any oil-based products, like makeup remover, on your lashes as it may damage the adhesive. 

— Avoid rubbing at your eyes with your hands or a towel. Dab gently instead. 

— Skip lash curls or perms as this will damage the extensions. 

— Follow your salon’s instructions for after-care of your lashes. The glue is still setting up for up to 48 hours after the extensions are applied, so skip the sauna and the pool until afterward. 

Cool weather might mean a little extra care spent on your skin, but it shouldn’t have a big effect on your lashes. As long as you take good care of them, they will reward you with long-lasting beauty that requires minimal upkeep.

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