Best Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Houston

Semi permanent eyelash extensions in HoustonYou have finally decided to get the semi permanent eyelash extensions. Mascara and strip lashes are well-known methods for making them look longer and fuller, but to achieve really amazing, natural-looking lashes, extensions are the way to go.

A licensed practitioner at Amazing Lash Studio attaches these semi-permanent, synthetic additions to your own natural lashes one at a time, carefully placing each one over a single lash. The extensions then grow out as your own lashes do. They look and feel completely real, but they do require a bit of specialized care in order to last. To get the most out of your semi permanent eyelash extensions keep in mind the following:


1. Avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours. You can shower or swim as you like after that, but try not to let water run directly on the extensions. Saunas and steams can shorten the life of your lashes; it’s best to omit them or at least keep visits brief and occasional.

2. Try not to rub your eyes, and don’t tug the lash extensions or they may fall out.

3. Eyelash extensions are designed to look as if you’re already wearing mascara. If you want to add mascara for an even more dramatic look, use only water-based types. Waterproof or oil-based mascaras may shorten lash life. Skip the roots and apply mascara from the middle of the lashes to the tips only.

4. Don’t use an eyelash curler. The lash extensions are curled already, and mechanical curlers can easily break both natural and synthetic lashes.

5. Gel based eyeliners are the best choice for upper lids. Pencil liners can be drying, and oil-based substances can shorten lash life.

6. Similarly, use only water-based or gel cleansers to remove eye makeup. Avoid cotton balls or swabs as the fibers may get caught in your lashes. Wipe lashes gently and pat dry.

7. Eyelash extensions last as long as the lash they’re attached to, which is normally up to about two months. Then they require a touch up or fill to replace the ones that have fallen out. Generally, you’ll need a fill appointment every four weeks or so.


By taking good care of your semi permanent eyelash extensions, you’ll have the lush, beautiful lashes you’ve always wanted.

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