Beauty Tips For Mommies Who Wear Glasses

Beauty Tips For Mommies Who Wear GlassesBusy moms seem to do everything for everyone else and rarely do good things for themselves. They rush out of the house to get their kids to school and then head to the office. There is rarely time to care for contact lenses. Unfortunately, glasses often overwhelm the face. To create the best appearance, here are some helpful tips that busy mothers can follow to look gorgeous in their glasses.

Frame Color Should Influence Eyeliner
The color and shape of your glasses should complement your eyeliner. If you have bold frames, apply a thick line of eyeliner so that your eyes stand out. If you have a thinner set of frames, keep the line narrow and close to the lashes.

Black frames are quite versatile. They look good with any color liner. With tortoise frames, you should use a brown pencil that will give your eyes a softer appearance.

Mask the Red Marks
Sometimes, glasses create red marks on your nose, which become visible when you remove your frames. To avoid these unsightly blemishes and to create a even skin tone, apply a light layer of foundation all over face.

Simple Eyeshadow
Although women tend to go heavy on eyeshadow, especially when they wear glasses, it is better to keep it simple. Using a light, neutral, or shimmering color will not weigh down your lids. They will provide a brighter tone to your eyes, which will make you appear awake and refreshed throughout the day.

Hide Dark Circles
Most women experience dark circles beneath their eyes. Whether they are caused by lack of sleep or age, glasses can make them look worse. It is important to apply a concealer on these spots. This will give your eyes an instant lift through your lenses.

Shape Your Face Naturally

Although your glasses may cover parts of your eyebrows, these features naturally frame your eyes and must be properly maintained. Their shape should complement your frames. If you have glasses with a bold style, your brows should have a thin shape. With daintier frames, consider amping up up your brows so that people take notice of your eyes.

Consider Lash Extensions
Mascara is often the cosmetic product that women utilize to create voluminous lashes so that eyes are accentuated. However, when you wear glasses, mascara may smudge and create a sloppy mess. Also, when mascara flakes, it may make your glasses appear dirty. Fortunately, there is a much better mascara alternative for women who wear glasses. Eyelash extensions make lashes appear naturally thick and curly without the need to use mascara. Applying extensions is the perfect way for busy moms to look gorgeous in their glasses.

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