Health and Beauty Tips To Look And Feel Fabulous While Traveling

beauty makeup tips for traveling

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Many women like to take advantage of summer’s beautiful weather to get some traveling done. Between summer vacations and business trips, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in airplanes during the summer months. While traveling can be exciting, it can often take a toll on your health and your overall appearance. Planes can be cramped, and a long flight can leave you feeling frazzled and looking unkempt.

If you want to look and feel fresh and beautiful when you arrive, be sure to keep these health and beauty tips in mind to protect your health and beauty during your long plane rides.

Feel Fresh:  

  • Give yourself plenty of time. The stress of rushing to catch a flight isn’t good for your health. Give yourself ample time to do everything you need to without hurrying.
  • Exercise your legs to keep blood flowing through them; you can also walk around the cabin during longer flights.
  • Drink plenty of water. Planes have a lower humidity than your body is accustomed to, and it’s easy to get dehydrated. Avoid the caffeinated beverages and drink water instead.
  • Moisturize your skin and sinuses. Bring a small travel container of moisturizer and a saline nasal spray to help refresh during the dry flight.

Look Fresh:

  • Keep your hair up to reduce tangles and greasiness. You can also brush your hair out intermittently to help yourself feel more put-together and refreshed.
  • Bring some deodorant and apply it every few hours during a long flight to keep yourself feeling clean and smelling fresh. This will also give you an excuse to walk to the lavatory, which will give you a bit of exercise.
  • Reduce puffiness around your eyes by applying an ice cub, wrapped in a napkin, to the area. You can ask the attendant for a cup of ice during your flight.
  • Keep your makeup light. During a long flight, makeup can smear and smudge, and it’s not easy to reapply it on the plane. Skip most of your product and focus on a good moisturizer and a little eye makeup to offset the tired look from an overnight flight.

If you want a no-fuss method for beautiful eyes, consider getting lash extensions before your trip. These will keep your eyelashes long and full without any upkeep. Instead of messing with mascara, you can simply enjoy the worry-free beauty of long lashes throughout your journey. Look and feel fabulous while traveling by following these easy steps!

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