Be Beautiful Inside and Out – Health and Beauty Trends of 2013

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Beauty is complex, and it goes far deeper than a person’s physical appearance. The most beautiful people are those who are healthy and confident. Inner health is reflected in the outside of the body in a number of subtle ways, from a clearer complexion to bright eyes and better posture. Simply put, people who feel good will look good as well.

Eating right and exercising isn’t just about losing weight or being thin. It’s an important component to maintaining full-body health and vitality. As more people begin to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, more convenient solutions to fitness problems will be created.

Here are some of the newest health trends for 2013: 

  • Fitness and diet apps are becoming increasingly popular. These allow users to track their meals and workouts and can be a valuable tool in monitoring weight loss, nutrient intake and other goals.
  • Restaurants, including fast food places, have begun seriously catering to those with gluten sensitivities. Although there is no real health benefit to eschewing gluten if you do not have an allergy to it, gluten-free diets are a current fad. The wealth of commercially available options is good news for those suffering from Celiacs disease or other gluten allergies.
  • Fresh-pressed juices are becoming available in supermarkets. As more people look to juicing for its nutritional benefits, all-natural fresh juices will become more accessible and juice bars will move into supermarkets
  • More women have begun to take up heavy lifting as part of their exercise routine. Strength training helps to strengthen bones and improve cardiovascular health, and now both genders look to reap those rewards.
  • Workouts are becoming shorter and rising in intensity. As few people have hours of spare time in their days to devote to lighter workouts, high-intensity super workouts are becoming more mainstream.

While you’re working on improving your health and inner beauty, you still do not want to neglect other aspects of yourself. Complement your inner beauty by paying attention to your outer beauty with clothing and makeup choices that express who you are and what you love. Low-maintenance, natural choices like eyelash extensions can help boost your appearance with a minimal amount of fussing and no exposure to harsh chemicals.

Research suggests that people who take the time to look their best also feel more confident, which enhances mood and creates beauty. By taking good care of yourself  by being healthy and by maintaining your outer appearances, you can ensure that you will shine from inside and out.

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