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Tips To Achieving Inner and Outer Beauty
Through Beautiful Eyes
Beauty exists inside your heart as well as the outside of your body. Inner beauty helps to reduce stress and promote mental and physical health. Outer beauty makes you more attractive to others and helps gain positive attention in every social interaction. Being beautiful inside and out will promote confidence and self-image, and it ensures Read More
Beauty Tips For Mommies Who Wear Glasses
Busy moms seem to do everything for everyone else and rarely do good things for themselves. They rush out of the house to get their kids to school and then head to the office. There is rarely time to care for contact lenses. Unfortunately, glasses often overwhelm the face. To create the best appearance, here Read More
Skin Care Routine for Autumn.
As the warm days of summer begin to fade away, your regular skincare routine will need some changing in order to withstand colder temperatures. The change in the season also means a time to try out some new makeup colors and styles to match your fall look. Following a few simple ideas can help keep Read More
The Art and Science of Eye Flirting
– Can Lash Extensions Help?
Flirting is an instinctive human behavior rooted in our deep evolutionary need to find a mate and reproduce. Although the desire for flirtation is innate, specific techniques are refined over time; put simply, all people can flirt, but it takes practice to do it well. One of the most important aspects of flirting is eye Read More
5 Ways in Which Eyelash Extensions are
Better than Fake Eyelashes
Eye makeup has a big role in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Your eye makeup can help give you a natural or bold appearance, which is why you must apply it properly. If you are like most people, then you probably prefer to have long, dark and voluminous eyelashes. To get the lashes that you Read More
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While youth and beauty often seem to go hand in hand, you truly can look beautiful at any age. The trick is to focus on your eyes. Said to be a window to the soul, your eyes are often one of the first things other people notice, so they are vital to your appearance. Fortunately, Read More
Quick Vacation Makeup Ideas If you’re on a vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time inside getting ready and missing out on the fun you could be having. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t also want to look good. Below are a few tips from Amazing Lash Studio Read More
Stunning Looks For You Quinceanera A Quinceañera is a special occasion for a young lady and marks her entry into adulthood. Every girl envisions herself looking gorgeous with perfect hair and makeup in an elegant dress. Since you want to make a great impression on your friends and family but do not want to look Read More
Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride
Summer months are popular times to plan a wedding. Besides battling the sizzling Houston temperatures of June, July, and August, a bride-to-be is under a great deal of stress finalizing all the last minute arrangements. It is important to select the ideal venue, flowers, and dress. To create a dream wedding, it is vital to Read More
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Summer Beauty Tips for Women in Houston
Ten Summer Beauty Tips for Busy Schedules When you have a busy summer schedule, finding time to optimize your beauty routine can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts. Here are 10 practical summer beauty tips by Amazing Lash Studio Houston to help you look and feel fantastic throughout the season without slowing you down. Read More
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