What to Ask When Looking for the Best Eyelash Professional

Best eyelash professionalsLash extensions can create a gorgeously natural look or a stunning dramatic effect. They last longer than makeup or false lashes and require less upkeep, and they’re the perfect solution for thinning lashes. While lash extensions are generally safe, they do require an experienced professional to apply them. You wouldn’t want to trust your eyes to someone without the proper training, so take the time to find the best eyelash professional in Houston

Here are five questions you can ask the salon to ensure your extensions will be safe and of the highest quality: 

1. What is the salon like? If possible, take a look at it before you make your first appointment. The salon itself should be clean and organized, and the staff should be friendly and willing to answer your questions. Ask how tools are sanitized between use to ensure they’re kept fully clean. 

2. What type of adhesive is used? When applied properly, the glue should never come in contact with your skin; it’s applied directly to the lash itself. Nevertheless, it will be close to your eye, so it needs to be safe. Ask about the formula. Professional lash extension adhesive should be fomaldehyde-free, and it should be labeled “pharmaceutical grade.” 

3. What are the extensions made from? Several types of lash extension are available, but some materials are better than others. Mink and synthetic fibers are both safe and durable. Horse hair is sometimes used as a cheaper alternative, but this is associated with allergies in some people. If you’re particularly sensitive, you may also have problems with mink, so ask for synthetic fibers to be safe. 

4. Does your esthetician have the proper training? Just because someone claims to be able to do lash extensions doesn’t mean she’s a professional. Ask where she got her training. Be sure that it was lash extension training, not a more general type of beautician program as lash extension application requires very specific skills. 

5. How much experience does she have? Even a professional with lots of training may not be the best choice if she’s fresh out of school and has little experience. Unless you’re willing to let someone use you as a guinea pig, you’re better off finding someone who’s been working in the field for a while. 

When applied correctly, lash extensions are actually safer than false lashes. So once you find a salon you’re comfortable with, you’ll have peace of mind that your beautiful lashes are in good hands.

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