Are Mink Eyelash Extensions Worth it?

mink lashes in houstonMink eyelash extensions offer an amazing way to get a new, glamorous makeover in just a few hours. Created from fluffy, thick fibers, they blend perfectly into the lash line for fuller, more dramatic lashes that look completely natural and feel as light as air. While mink extensions used to be something to savor for special occasions, it’s hardly a rule set in stone. For many professional women today, the convenience of not having to wear makeup and the confidence boost that comes with feeling naturally gorgeous are reasons enough to make mink eyelash extensions part of your beauty routine.


What Makes Mink a Great Choice for Eyelash Extensions?


There’s a good reason why mink is the material of choice among celebrities and their stylists. Although budget-friendly synthetic and silk extensions can still deliver beautiful results, mink is the closest you can get to the look and feel of real eyelashes. Plus, mink is the most buildable of all extension materials, which gives you the final say in everything from length to volume.


How Are Mink Eyelash Extensions Applied?


Like other semi-permanent extensions, mink eyelashes are glued individually by hand to the lash line. Before getting started, your technician will take a close look at your natural eyelashes to make sure they cut and prep the extensions to match. Most applications take about two hours. Don’t worry if you have a tough time sitting still. Salons use cozy furniture and soothing surroundings to help their clients relax, so you’ll have a chance to unwind while your technician gets to work.


Are Mink Eyelashes Worth the Extra Cost?


It’s true that mink is the priciest material for extensions, but they also looks the most natural and have the longest lifespan. With regular touch-ups, you can keep your stunning mink eyelash extensions for as long as you’d like at a fraction of the cost of full applications. With good home care, mink eyelash extensions can last up to eight weeks before they start going through the same shedding process as your natural lashes.


How Do I Care for Mink Eyelash Extensions?

Once you get home, resist the temptation to touch your new best feature. Repeatedly touching eyelash extensions, especially in the first 24 hours after the application, can weaken their base and speed up fallout. Makeup and cleansers are safe as long as they aren’t packed with oils. For a gentler touch, stick with water-based formulas and soft spoolie brushes.


There are many things you can do to update your looks, but the ease of lash extensions make it a great choice. You will be thrilled at how your new mink eyelash extensions make you look and feel.

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