Beautiful Eyes and Eyelashes: A New Year Resolution You Can Keep!

The new year is a time for fresh beginnings and plans. It’s hardly a surprise that most women look at new year resolutions as a way to begin year-long self-improvement. The best resolutions are those that are well-planned and realistic. Making clear goals will help you stick with them throughout the year.

One great thing you can do for yourself this year is invest in a membership with Amazing Lash Studio. With a membership, you’ll have access to specials that make keeping beautiful eyelashes easy and fun. Eyelashes grow on a very predictable cycle, so having your eyelash extensions maintained every two to three weeks provides you with an easy-to-remember schedule and a great beauty habit you can maintain throughout the year.

Maintaining your stunning eyelashes is a great motivation for eating right and taking care of yourself.  After all, you can improve the health and vitality of your eyelashes by focusing on good self-care.  Keeping hydrated and well moisturized will make your eyelashes last longer, allowing you to wait longer between extension refills. Eyelash extensions also allow you to ease up on makeup, giving your skin a break from time to time.

We want to encourage you to be bold this year and go for a more dramatic look.  Eyelash extensions can form the base of many glamorous looks. Commit to making your eyes your signature feature and experiment with fun new ways to make them stand out:

— Mix things up with bright, bold colors and consider matching your wardrobe and your eye makeup for an even more dramatic statement. For best results, match your eye shadow to the small, colorful accents in your wardrobe.

— Layer metallic shades over jewel tones for a lot of added shimmer. This is a great way to dress up your usual look for a nighttime excursion.

— Keep the rest of your makeup as neutral and natural as possible to really draw attention to your eyes. Too much product can make your face look cluttered or overdone.

This year, don’t be afraid to let your individuality shine. The folks at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics said it best: “If my eyes are the window to my soul, then I want to make sure they look amazing at all times.”

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