7 Reasons to Consider Eyelash Extensions in Houston

7 Reasons to Consider Eyelash Extensions in HoustonEyelash extensions can do wonders for adding a dramatic look to your eyes. Here are 7 reasons to consider eyelash extensions in Houston to update your look. After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel like a Hollywood starlet?

1. Enhance your natural beauty.
Eyelash extensions open up your eyes and accentuate your eye color. They are made from natural or synthetic fibers and applied individually to each eyelash. The length, thickness, color and curl of the extensions are chosen to blend seamlessly with your natural eyelashes.

2. Instantly look younger.
Fuller, darker lashes make your eyes seem bigger and the whites of your eyes look brighter, helping you to appear more alert. A treatment The Guardian refers to as being better than Botox, extensions generate a more youthful, rejuvenated look.

3. They are painless.
Eyelash extensions are weightless. As long as they are correctly applied and removed by a professional lash technician, they should never cause pain or damage your natural lashes.

4. Save time and money on your beauty regimen.
Extensions eliminate the need for eye makeup. Since they add volume, length and curl, you no longer need to wear mascara that clumps, smudges, runs, flakes and irritates your eyes. Eyeliner on your upper lid is also unnecessary since the thick base of the extensions produces the same effect. You can even toss out that painful curler, which damages your natural lashes.

5. Temporary or semi-permanent — it’s your choice.
Temporary eyelash extensions last for a day, making them perfect for a one-time lavish event where you want to look your best. Semi-permanent extensions naturally shed with your organic lash life cycle of 60-90 days. A licensed technician can remove them sooner or continuously refill them, much like a manicure or hair color. Technicians vary in their advice on when to have a touch-up, ranging from three to six weeks.

6. They are durable.
After 24 hours, you are able to resume all of your normal activities, from swimming to showering to working out at the gym. However, excessive exposure to water and heat can weaken the adhesive bonds, which leads to more frequent refills. Avoid humid atmospheres, such as saunas and steam showers, and do not use oil-based makeup remover.

7. Extensions are easily accessible.
Eyelash extensions are now available as a standard service in many beauty salons and spas. Make sure your lashes are applied by a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist, who knows the right products to use to prevent clumping, sore eyelids and premature shedding.

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