5 Ways in Which Eyelash Extensions are Better than Fake Eyelashes

5 Ways in Which Eyelash Extensions are Better than Fake Eyelashes Eye makeup has a big role in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Your eye makeup can help give you a natural or bold appearance, which is why you must apply it properly. If you are like most people, then you probably prefer to have long, dark and voluminous eyelashes. To get the lashes that you desire, you can either use false eyelashes or lash extensions. Even though you can get similar results from both products, lash extensions tend to work best.

1. They Can Improve Your Appearance 

Lash extensions look and feel like real eyelashes. Companies make lash extensions with high-quality resources. If you choose this option, then a professional will apply each last extension individually to your eyelids. The extensions can help fill in your natural eyelashes to give them more volume. They tend to have a light and feathery appearance.

False eyelashes do not look as real because companies make them from a lower quality of material. Since they come attached to a single strip, they tend to look rigid and unnatural.

2. They are Durable

One of the main problems with false eyelashes is that they can fall off your face. If the adhesive comes loose, then the entire strip of eyelashes can fall off your face without notice. This can become a hassle if you are at work or some other public place. When lash extensions fall off, it is not as noticeable. The extensions will shed normally with your real eyelashes.

3. They Feel Natural 

Lash extensions feel natural, which means they feel like human hair. They have the same weight as natural lashes, so you won’t even feel them. False eyelashes are a little different because they consist of artificial fibers. The artificial fibers make them feel heavier than natural eyelashes. The extra weight on your eyelids can affect your natural eye movement.

4. They Allow You to Participate in Recreational Activities 

Even if you have lash extensions, you can still participate in recreational activities. The extensions are waterproof, which means that you can wear them while swimming, showering or exercising. Fake eyelashes make these activities more difficult. Since the adhesive can become loose, you should not wear fake eyelashes when sleeping, swimming or bathing.

5. They Can Save You Time in the Morning

You must schedule an appointment to get lash extensions, which can take up to two hours to complete. During the treatment process, you can sit back and relax. Once you get lash extensions, you will no longer need to wake up early every morning to put on false eyelashes. You may even find that the lash extensions lessen your need to wear makeup.

You do not need to sit through a long appointment to put on false eyelashes; however, you will need to spend nearly 10 minutes every morning putting them on. This can become a hassle if you have a busy schedule. Not only that, but they can look odd if you have shaky hands.

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