5 Hot Beauty Trends for Prom 2013

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Hot Beauty Trends for Prom 2013

Not only is prom one of the most glamorous events of the season, it’s also an opportunity to experiment with some of the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Whether you’re preparing for your own prom or are just looking for a way to capture some prom glitz for your next outing, here are 5 hot trends for prom 2013.

1.) Eyelash extensions. Long, full lashes are definitely “in” this year, and lash extensions are the easiest way to capture that look without the hassle of mascara. Long lashes enlarge your eyes, brighten your face and make you look more beautiful. Instead of worrying about your mascara lasting through the night, opt for lash extensions. They last up to eight weeks and won’t budge no matter how much you dance. See full set packages available today!

2.) Nail polish design. Rather than painting your nails in monochrome, transform them into wearable art. A combination of colors, shapes and textures adds interest and personality to your nails and makes them both fun and glamorous.

3.) Bangs. Bangs are definitely back in style this year. Both playful and flirty, bangs are a great way to draw more attention to your eyes. If you’re not ready to commit to full-time bangs, consider clip-in fringe. Simply clip the extension in and pull your own hair over the top.

4.) Prints and florals. The theme of prom 2013 is “bold and beautiful.” From exquisite lashes to bright nail designs and eye-popping patterns, this year’s fashions are all about standing out and expressing yourself. Prints, especially floral patterns, are definitely popular this year. If you prefer the more traditional look of a solid-color dress, spice it up with a bright print scarf or shawl and fun matching shoes.

5.) Accessories. The purse of choice this year is a small clutch. Keep it fashionable and coordinated with your outfit, but pick something with a simple design that won’t clash with the bold aspects of your wardrobe. Echoing your clutch’s color in your nail polish is a great touch. Another popular accessory this year is head bands, which go perfectly with bangs. Pick something that highlights or accents colors and patterns from your dress to tie everything all together.

You can be sure to get noticed on the dance floor this year if you follow these tips. By finding ways to enhance your natural beauty and express your uniqueness, you can stand out from the crowd at prom 2013.

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